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Shrink Sleeves

Turn heads with custom-printed shrink sleeves! Regardless of shape or texture, our durable shrink film can be heated to conform to the structure of your item and hold that shape. Shrink sleeves offer more durability than pressure-sensitive labels and are designed to contour your container for a perfect fit. We can provide full-body shrink sleeves, combo packs, and tamper-evident sleeves. They can be produced either in rolls for automatic application or individually sheeted for hand application.

With 360° of available marketing space on your product, and no limitations on color or size, your vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics will make a statement. We offer a wide variety of shrink sleeve label materials with the ability to add spot or flood coat varnishes, metallic inks, textured prints, and metallic foils! Opaque sleeves are also available for cover-up applications. Shrink sleeves are perfect for various industries like food, beverage, nutraceutical, home, personal care, automotive, and more!


Need help putting together a unique design? Talk with our on-site graphics team to find the best way to leave a positive, long-lasting impression with consumers! Contact us to learn more!


Full-body product shrink sleeves are a unique product that offers 360° design coverage, making them perfect for cans, bottles, aerosols, and tubes. These sleeves pack a visual punch since they cover the surface with brilliant colors and attractive graphics, giving you maximum marketing space. Our shrink films' durability makes them super resistant to moisture, abrasion, and tearing. When tamper evidence is critical, incorporate a perforated seal into your product seal to show tamper evidence without compromising the body of the rest of the sleeve.

If you have multiple product lines, full-body shrink sleeves allow for more flexibility when it comes to packaging. Rather than ending up with more or less pre-printed packaging than what you need, you can order a large number of blank packaging and apply a shrink sleeve to the exact amount you need!

Full-Body Sleeves


Keep your product secure while still showing off your brand! Tamper-evident shrink caps offer the same 360°, visually appealing branding that comes with shrink sleeves but with an essential safety feature built right into the packaging! Perforated shrink caps and labels come in many looks and can function in a way that best suits your product. Ensure the quality of your product with a simple blank cap, or customize it with your artwork!

Shrink Caps


Multi-pack shrink sleeves are a popular option for bundling two or more products together for promotions or shipping. Whether you need to wrap 24 bottles of water in a pack for the grocery store or 24 packages of soup in a crate for wholesale purposes, our custom logo shrink sleeves are fully customizable and can be as big or as small as you need them to be!

They can be as simple as a clear sleeve, or you can have them printed with custom artwork to add shelf appeal and branding to products. Our durable shrink film makes them extremely resistant to moisture, abrasion and tearing. They will conform tightly to the shape of packaged items, all with just the application of heat!

Multi-Pack Sleves

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