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Rebar / Steel / Wire

Trebnick Systems’ development of VMax steel and rebar tags created the standard for many industries throughout the world. We have been selling to these industries for over 40 years! We offer a wide variety of durable materials for both the rebar and steel industries that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Trebnick is continuously testing new, tougher and stronger materials so we can offer you the strongest product at the best price. Print quality, material choices and start-to-finish consistency are the hallmarks of Trebnick.


We have expertise for initial removability for auto-apply applications, permanent and removable solutions, harsh environment tag/label solutions and synthetic films. We also offer same-day shipping at no extra charge. Our goal is to improve your efficiency and save you money.


Want to take your inventory efficiency a step further?  Ask our knowledgeable customer service team about how RFID can help you!

Print on Demand

By printing your labels on demand you can clean up your entire supply chain by eliminating the need of label inventory of preprinted labels, thus lowering cost! You also have the flexibility to customize your label whenever you want!

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