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Security Labels

Keep your product safe and secure with tamper-evident security tape and labels! These labels will stay on and are fully customizable, making them perfect to use on anything from simple retail products to any tempter-resistant applications!
We offer a wide selection of tamper-proof stocks in both paper and poly. They will shred if someone tries to remove them and leave clear evidence of tampering. Want some extra durability? Ask us how to add security cuts to our durable, weather-proof stocks!

Show off your brand while keeping your product secure! Talk to our on-site graphics team about the best way to create a prime label that will leave a positive, long-lasting impression with consumers!


Take your packaging up a notch with custom-made security tape! This tape is made of a high-quality film with a custom, underlying pattern (most common being OPEN or VOID). Once the tape is removed, the pattern remains, indicating that the tamper-proof tape has been peeled back and its removal attempted. We offer full-color printing options to help your brand stand out!

Security Tape


Our quality seal stickers are mainly used for retail, but they are also perfect for any fast food, restaurants, delis, and even coffee shops using delivery services to get their orders to customers. With custom printing and sizes available, you can show off your brand while ensuring that your customers get your product secure and untouched! Add security cuts to your labels for extra security! Pressure will cause the label to break in designated areas, showing evidence of being tampered with.

Product Seals


Made of a material that tears apart easily, once applied to a surface, destructible labels cannot be removed in one piece. They will shred if someone tries to remove them, keeping your product secure. Easily print barcodes on these labels to prevent price switching in retail settings!

Want to make it difficult for others to reproduce your security labels? Try using our custom holographic labels! These holographic labels are easy to see when moved around and appear to shine, making them perfect to use to secure high-dollar items!

Destructible or holographic labels

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