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warehouse Management

We specialize in vendor-managed programs and operate in a lean manufacturing model to provide you with the best of all efficiencies. Our program includes web-based ordering, requisition, acknowledgment, shipping, and follow-up software that allows you to be a fingertip away from performing any inquiry or shipment regarding your specific labels and tags.
Our expertise allows us to design a customized program to meet your objectives and execute your program with flawless service. Some of our nation’s largest companies turn to Trebnick to manage their inventory.

Talk to our knowledgeable customer service team to learn how we can set you up with online ordering today!

  • Customer-managed and owned inventory

  • Supplier-owned inventory (managed by the client)

  • Print & Hold Programs, 60 & 90-day options: Savings on set-up and scrap, utilizes faster equipment and combination orders.

  • Fulfillment: Pick, pack, and ship to multiple locations.


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