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Chemical / GHS

Here at Trebnick, we understand the complex needs of the chemical industry. From warning labels to product identification and tracking, we offer custom solutions to best fit your needs!

Our stocks and adhesives are not only compliant with British Standard 5609 for GHS chemical maritime shipments, but also compatible with LDPE and HDPE, coated steel, polycarbonate, PET, fiberboard, and glass. These labels will stay on your product—even in saltwater!

Our chemical drum labels are developed for any type of drum labeling application, including oily surface, reflective, magnetic, and high-tack labeling material! From the drum material and contents to the environments and possible hazardous conditions it will be subjected to, we can help ensure that you have the right label to keep you Department of Transportation and OSHA compliant!

Need something quick? Our Stock Products ship the same day!

Contact us to see what we have available that will best suit your needs!

Print on Demand

By printing your labels on demand you can clean up your entire supply chain by eliminating the need of label inventory of preprinted labels, thus lowering cost! You can also customize your label whenever you want, keeping you GHS compliant!

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