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GHS Labeling Regulations - Are You Compliant?

Updated: Jun 10

What is GHS?

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is an internationally-recognized standard for labeling containers that hold hazardous materials. It was published by the United Nations in 2003 to provide consistent rules and regulations for chemicals at national, regional, and worldwide level. Its goal is to make it easy for workers to immediately identify what kind of chemical is in a container and what the risks are for handling it, regardless of the chemical’s country of origin, or the language printed on the label. The U.S. implemented the GHS standard in December 2015.


What makes a GHS compliant label?

ghs label infographic

All labels will be required to have:

  1. Signal Word

  2. Pictograms with Red Outline

  3. Product Identifier

  4. Hazard Statements

  5. Precautionary Statements

  6. Supplier Identification

Label Sizes: In addition, GHS labeling regulations require different minimum label sizes depending on the capacity of the container. Labels must be manufactured from a material that is resistant to the damage caused by exposure to the specific chemical.


Do it Yourself options:

Many chemical manufacturers today are finding it much more cost-effective to print GHS labels in-house as part of their packaging process due to the many different formats, sizes and configurations required for labeling chemical products. Our print-on-demand cloud solution is a cost effective service (eliminating the need for expensive software) to get custom GHS labels, when you need them.

- Use pre-printed labels with your own thermal transfer barcode label printer.

Trebnick is your contact for barcode label printers, pre-printed chemical-resistant thermal transfer GHS labels, chemical-resistant resin thermal transfer ribbon, and the label printing software. The areas of the label that require an additional color (usually red) is pre-printed on the label. You then have control of on-demand printing of elements such as pictograms, barcodes, signal words, and other text in black using the barcode label printer..

- Print GHS labels with a full color inkjet printer.

Trebnick can provide you with the color inkjet printer, blank chemical-resistant inkjet GHS labels, chemical-resistant printer ink and the label printing software needed to print all of your labels in-house and on-demand. With the GHS-approved chemical-resistant inkjet label materials and inks now available, this option reduces your need for pre-printed label inventory and provides additional in-house label printing efficiency and flexibility beyond traditional one-color printing.


Let Trebnick Handle It!

We are capable of specialty process printing and can print up to 16-colors on all types of label materials with superior custom adhesives, including the maritime salt water adhesives compliant with British Standard 5609 for maritime shipments — a must for GHS chemical labeling. We offer customer managed and owned inventory, supplier owned inventory (managed with client), Print & Hold programs, and flexible fulfillment options. With our extensive labeling knowledge and over 30 years of expertise, we can design a customized program to meet your objectives along with the ability to execute your program with flawless service!


Need to know more?

Need help understanding the requirements?

With our extensive labeling knowledge and over 30 years of expertise, Trebnick can provide you with a 100% GHS compliant label solution.

Need help with your label design?

Our team of on-site designers can help you set up your GHS compliant label to make sure it works on all of your products!


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