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The manufacturing industry presents extensive labeling requirements. It encompasses not only manufacturing facilities, but also industries such as distribution, warehousing, transportation, steel and more. Labeling includes everything from inventory tags, transportation tags, warehouse tags, shipping tags, materials tags and others.


Most labels for the manufacturing industry need to be permanently affixed and last the life of the product. We use a variety of durable materials and adhesives to meet your specific needs and can withstand any environment! All while also being compliant with manufacturing regulations, quality-control standards and ISO requirements.


We can provide any design, ink, and label stock that meets your specifications. Trebnick is focused on helping you improve your efficiency and reducing your costs, while dealing with standard issues such as mislabeling, evolving standards and specific customization requests. Want to take your inventory efficiency a step further?  Ask our knowledgeable customer service team about how RFID can help you!

Print on Demand

By printing your labels on demand you can clean up your entire supply chain by eliminating the need of label inventory of preprinted labels, thus lowering cost! You also have the flexibility to customize your label whenever you want!

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