Manufacturing Labels


Manufacturing as a whole presents the most extensive labeling requirements. It encompasses not only manufacturing facilities, but also industries such as distribution, warehousing, transportation, steel and more. Labels include everything from inventory tags, transportation tags, warehouse tags, shipping tags, materials tags and others.


Durability is the big issue, but Trebnick also makes sure that your label design represents your organization in a way that increases sales and promotes your product while also being compliant with good manufacturing practice regulations, quality-control standards and ISO requirements.


Most labels for the manufacturing industry need to be permanently affixed and last as long as the product. Adhesion and durability are key components no matter what form the label takes or what environments it is exposed to.


We can provide any design, ink, and label stock that meets your specifications. Trebnick is focused on helping you improve your efficiency and reducing your costs, while dealing with standard issues such as mislabeling, evolving standards and specific customization requests.