Lumber Tags and Labels


Lumber tags and labels must be designed to withstand the elements and affix to a rugged surface regardless of its condition. Trebnick offers labels of all types for lumber, including customized wraps for load identification and barcoding, hang tags, and tags.


Your lumber tag can help you identify data for classification and tracking, allowing you to keep accurate records of your lumber production. We provide labels that are tear-resistant and that withstand outdoor conditions. Trebnick has all your needs covered including fade-resistant inks, permanent or removable adhesives to handle all types of surfaces and environments, and coatings that are resistant to light, heat, sub-zero temperatures, water, grease, oil and chemicals and UV exposure.


Let Trebnick evaluate your application requirements and work with you to select an ideal solution for all your lumber operations, both small and large. Trebnick can help you reduce your material and labor costs, all while meeting the criteria of the American Lumber Standard Committee.


Trebnick also provides labels for horticultural, furniture and forestry applications.

Trebnick manufactures tags and label for lumber and lumber products
Trebnick manufactures tags and labels for lumber and lumber products