Label & Tag It With Trebnick!


Our wealth of industry experience comes from thinking outside of the box. In 1994 Trebnick researched Valéron®, a material used to wrap dynamite. We developed this material to make barcode tags and the rest is history. It is this kind of thinking that keeps us motivated to research and develop the latest labeling for your industry and application.


Trebnick is proud to also offer materials that are FSC-certified


Sustainable labeling is important to our environment as it minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste. We are pleased to offer these environmentally sound materials.


Consumer Packaged Goods, Shelf Markers,

Retail Labeling, and Law Labels


Our solutions are numerous when it comes to whatever your product needs are: Coupons, POS, hang tags, floor logos, and in the use of alternative materials for permanent, removable, or reposition-able options. We understand the importance of producing labels that must stay on – or come off – or both! We also offer numerous law label solutions for mattresses and pillows, including fabric labeling options.


GHS Chemical / Drum and Automotive Labeling


We understand the specialized needs of the chemical industry for warning labels, decals, and instruction labels for product identification, inventory tracking, and safety. We offer adhesives that are compatible with low-end density (LDPE) and high density plastics (HDPE), coated steel, Polycarbonate, Polyester (PET), fiberboard and glass, and are maritime saltwater adhesive compliant with British Standard 5609 for GHS chemical maritime shipments. We also offer coatings that are chemical resistant.


Product Identification Labeling


Nothing is more important than protecting yourbrand. The quality of your product is conveyed bythe quality of its packaging. Select from a varietyof standard and custom materials to create a primelabel, tag or signage that will leave a positive, long-lasting impression with consumers.


Food & Seafood Labeling


Food & Seafood present many challenges, from direct food contact to identification of multiple product lines. From labeling seafood to printing wine labels, Trebnick Systems is your single source of supply for the food industry.


Horticulture Labeling


The horticulture industry requires labels that feature high strength and durability along with colorful and attractive graphics that withstand outdoor environments. Whether your needs are to bundle, tag or label, we have many different types of solutions that affordably deliver high results.


Steel, Rebar, Lumber & Building Materials Labeling


Our development of tags and labels for these products created the standard for many industries throughout the world. We have been selling rebar tags, steel tags and lumber and building material tags for over 30 years!


Warehouse Floor Marking Systems


Trebnick can help with your warehouse marking systems. We provide various shapes and colors along with custom printing.