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Tamper-Evident/Resistant & Void Labels 


As a global supplier, we understand the importance of protecting your product – and take that responsibility very seriously.


Trebnick’s tamper-indicating technology helps to both deter and provide visible evidence of label switching, reuse of product packaging, and many other forms of fraudulent activity.


Our tamper-proof solutions include:


  • Labels that visibly show signs of tampering and prevents entire label removal.

  • Destructible labels that fracture from attempted removal or tampering and quickly alert to any tampering and possible theft.

  • Long-lasting adhesives that are designed to keep labels intact for years.


All of our tamper-evident or tamper-resistant labels will show evidence of tampering when any attempt is made to remove them and quickly deter unauthorized use!


Our custom inventory control labels are especially ideal for use in anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering situations.


Our tamper-resistant or tamper-evident labels can be provided blank for print-on-demand applications or preprinted at Trebnick’s state-of-the-art production facility.


Typical applications for tamper-proof protective seals:


  • Warranty Security

  • Package Security

  • Cargo Security

  • Medical Testing Security


These highly advanced security labels give you peace-of-mind that your package, cargo, or laboratory results can be identified, protected, inventoried and secured with the use of tamper-evident or tamper-resistant labels from Trebnick.


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