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Need extra ribbon for your thermal transfer printer? We got you covered! Our Coated Side In (CSI) ribbons work great with Sato printers, while the Coated Side Out (CSO) ribbons are ideal for Zebra Printers. TSC and Printronix printers can use CSI or CSO ribbons.


Looking for a ribbon not listed here? Contact us to see what we have available!

Ribbon Singles

SKU: R10
  • Ribbon Material: Resin Enhance Wax 


    Coated Side In (CSI)

    • R1073 (3.27"x1000')
    • R1084 (4.17"x1000')
    • R1057 (4.33"x1345')
    • R1055 (6.5"x1345')

    Coated Side Out (CSO)

    • R1085 (3.27"x1000')
    • R1074 (4.17"x1000')
    • R1070 (4.33"x1476')
    • R1097 (6.5"x1476')
  • In-stock items will ship the same day if ordered before 2pm EST.

    Out-of-stock items are typically replenished at the beginning of each month.

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