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6 Things to Know to Help You Design the Perfect Product Label

So you have an excellent product, and now it is time to show it off to customers. But how do you do that? Design a custom label!

Product labels are one of the most important elements of product design, as they inform the customer of the type of product inside, company branding, and more! A good label design will ensure your product will stand out amongst the rest on the shelf! Whether you are releasing a new product or rebranding an existing one, here are some things to keep in mind as you design the perfect product label!

What is your packaging size/shape?

Before you create your label design, consider the space you have available to work with. Your label's size and shape will be influenced by the product's packaging. A label that is too small can look out of place and fail to catch the consumer's eye. However, a large, wrapped label can block consumers from viewing the product inside. Unique label shapes can be more costly but is a great option to set you apart from the competition. You need a label shape that fits the packaging without creasing or lifting while drawing consumer attention to the shelf!

Who will be buying your product?

Knowing your target audience is something you should consider while designing your label. For example, if you're targeting adults between 50 and 75, consider upping your font size to suit their needs. Elegant fonts are ideal for luxury or beauty items, while more playful fonts are great for children's products. Regardless of your font choice, ensure your font color contrasts with the background and can be read easily by all ages!

The color scheme of your label will greatly impact how your product is perceived. There are many psychological studies around colors. Food is often associated with red, while luxury items are known for their elegant design and emphasized with black ink. You will want to choose a visually pleasing color scheme that stands out to members of your target demographic!

What do your competitors' labels look like?

Everyone wants their product to stand out from the competition, but too much individuality can unintentionally isolate your product. For example, condiment packaging is known for its transparent bottles and medium-sized labels that showcase the product's color. Now if you wanted to make your packaging different by putting these products in a solid bottle with a different colored label, chances are that consumers won't notice your product. Have your design keep within the already established style of the appearance of your product, but only just enough for customers to recognize what it is at first glance. That way your product will still stand out without being overlooked!

What is the first thing you notice when you look at your label design?

When designing your label or brand logo, ensure that its first impression will leave a positive, long-lasting impression with customers. It is easy to get caught up with the design phase that you forget how others will perceive your brand. Remember that your product's name and company logo should stand out on the label. This way, your company branding can accurately reflect the nature of the product. In addition, it is a good idea to include contact information to encourage customers to interact with your brand and discover more of your products!

Is all of the information correct?

There is various information that a label needs to convey. Ingredients, nutritional value, and warnings are examples of the "usual things" that need to be labeled to inform consumers of your product. Is your label bi-lingual? If so, it is crucial to check the spelling of any text in a different language, especially if it is in a language you are not fluent in. Mislabeling can damage your business's reputation or send the wrong message. Be sure to double-check that all of the information displayed on your label is accurate!

An aspect of label design that often gets overlooked is barcodes. Barcodes can help identify your product and provide additional information and security when scanned. We have several label software and printer options available to help you print your barcode labels on-site, or you can have us print them for you! No matter which option you choose, ensure your label design allows the color of the barcode to contrast with the background so it will scan correctly.

What kind of environment will your product be in?

Does your product need to be kept frozen? Is it exposed to water? Will it need to be tamper-evident? Factors like these can help determine which label materials and adhesives will work best for your product. The label material and finish can also impact your overall design. While it's common to choose a white material to print on, you may want to utilize a high-quality translucent film to showcase the contents of your package. In addition, you can choose from matte, gloss, or even metallic foils and inks to make your product stand out from the others. We have several durable materials and films to choose from!

The best label designs are the ones that perfectly suit your labeling needs. Whether you need durable industrial labels, or consumer packaging labels that show off your brand, we can help you design and print labels for any product or application. Still have questions? Contact us! Our on-site graphics team can help you create the perfect label design. We have the solution for you!

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