Durable and Industrial Product Labels


Trebnick’s permanent labeling innovations has made us the industry leader in durable product markets. Durable products need permanent labeling solutions that will last the life of the product.


Often these products operate in harsh weather environments (e.g., garage doors), high heat environments (e.g., water heaters) and other demanding or high use areas (e.g., playground equipment). 

Durable goods present a high level of safety challenges as government-regulated warnings and other safety labels must stay on the product! Trebnick is often called upon to develop label solutions for durable products that are operated by consumers of all ages. Trebnick offers the most extensive selection when it comes to the toughest material options and adhesives to meet any durable label challenge.

Fortune 500 companies often turn to Trebnick for their especially tough labeling requirements. When it absolutely must stay on the product, you can count on Trebnick for an innovative solution that has stood the test of time!

Trebnick manufactures labels and tags for harsh-environments
Trebnick manufactures durable high-heat and high-strength tags and labels
Trebnick manufactures industrial tags and labels