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Trebnick Tags and Labels understands the specialized needs of the chemical industry for warning labels, decals, and drum labels for product identification, inventory tracking, and safety. We offer adhesives that are compatible with LDPE and HDPE, coated steel, polycarbonate, PET, fiberboard and glass.


Trebnick offers many products that are maritime saltwater adhesive compliant with British Standard 5609 for GHS chemical maritime shipments. We also offer coatings that are chemical resistant and weatherproof.


Our chemical drum labels are developed for any type of drum labeling application, including oily surface, reflective, magnetic, and high-tack labeling material.


From transportation to final storage, we’ll help you avoid the heavy fines and penalties associated with poor label materials and applications and keep you compliant with Department of Transportation and OSHA requirements. We’ll help you determine the best label for your drum needs – everything from the drum material and contents to the environments and possible hazardous conditions it will be subjected to.


Our GHS label printer, ink cartridges and black labels for inkjet printing are 30% less than laser printing!


Trebnick Systems now offers KIMDURA®, which is EPSON® Inkjet certified media that complies with Section 2 and Section 3 with the British Standard Maritime Saltwater Standard (BS-5609). Many labels are Section 2 compliant for the adhesion to surfaces but very few can pass Section 3 of the BS-5609.


Other benefits of this On Demand system include:


  • Lean up label inventory by elimination of preprinted labels.

  • Lean up entire supply chain.

  • Lower cost printer consumables.

  • Customized label design.


Trebnick keeps your drum labels on, even in saltwater!

Trebnick manufactures chemicaly safe GHS labels and tags
Trebnick manufactures chemically safe GHS tags and labels

GHS Labeling Regulations -

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Epson C7500 inkjet printer for full-color tags and labels
Epson C831 inkjet printer for chemical tags and labels
Epson C3500 inkjet printer for full-color tags and labels

Inkjet GHS Solution




D: 18.3" x W: 18.3" x H: 8.8"

Max Print Area: 4.1" Width 

Print Resolution: 720 dpi




D: 11.1" x W: 12.2" x H: 10.3"

Max Print Area: 4.1" Width 

Print Resolution: 360-720 dpi




D: 23.5" x W: 15.4" x H: 15.5"

Max Print Area: 4.1" Width 

Print Resolution: 600-1200 dpi



Lexmark Logo.jpg

Laser GHS Solution



Okidata C711 Laser printer for full-color tags and labels


D: 17.1" x W: 21.5" x H: 15.3"

Max Print Area: 8.3" Width 

Print Resolution: 600-1200 dpi




Lexmark CS820DE

D: 21.12" x W: 22" x H: 20.6"

Max Print Area: 8.3" Width 

Print Resolution: 1200 dpi